2. Adding Tags to Del.icio.us


Once you’ve created your del.iciou.s account you’ll see two new buttons in your browser toolbar.

The square button takes you to your del.icio.us account.

The second button “tags” the page that you are currently viewing.

If you click on the button to go to your delicious account and then sign in you’ll see a page that looks like the one below.

You can see that the page reads “No Items” because I have not “tagged” any pages yet.


To tag a page, go to a web page and then just click on the tag button on your toolbar. In this example I am “tagging” the PBwiki log in page.


A dialogue box will appear giving you some “tagging” options. The URL and the description are already filled in. You can add notes about the tag and most importantly you can add tags. You can see that the most popular tags have been suggested at the bottom of the page.


In this example I have chosen tags PBwiki, web2.0, wiki, and workshops. These are tags that are meaningful for me in terms of the way that I want to store my bookmarks. Once you have added your tags just click on “Save” and the tag will be saved to your del.icio.us account.


Now if you go back to you del.icio.us account you will see that your "tagged" site has been added to your account. The screen shot below shows my PBwiki tag saved in my del.icio.us account.


The title “Login in to My PBwiki” (or whichever title appears for your page) is a hyperlink to the Pbwiki page. The notes that I made appear below the hyperlink. I can also edit the tag or delete the tag. Choosing to edit the tag allows you to change all the tag information as shown in the screen shot below.


To add another tag just go a web page that you want to tag and click on the tag button on the toolbar. In this example I tagged a second wiki site, Wikispaces. I added the same notes and the same tags. Now my del.icio.us space looks like the one below.

Take some time to get used to Del.icio.us by visiting some websites and tagging them. Once you're done return to your del.icio.us account and you will see all your tagged pages.