7. Managing Your Layout

If you click on Manage>Layout, then you will be taken to the tools that let you decide the look and feel and layout of your blog.

You can see in the screen shot below that the menu lets you manage page elements, fonts and colours, edit the HTML and pick a New Template


Under "Page Elements" you can change the text in the header of your blog and you can also add a picture to the header.

Clicking on “Add a Page Element” provides you with a series of elements that you can add to your page such as:

  • an opinion poll to survey visitors
  • the most watched videos on YouTube
  • or a Newsreel from Google News.

"About Me" lets you edit personal information about yourself and you can decide whether to display this information on your blog.

Blog posts lets you decide how many posts and comments to have on a page at any one time as well as letting you decide whether to include additional information such as date and time of posting.


The Layout Management tools also allow you to completely change the look and feel of your Blog by choosing a new template.

Just choose "Pick New Template" from the horizontal tool bar and select the template that you want to use.

You can preview your template before saving the template of your choice.