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Blogs in Service

  • Maintain a personal reflective diary about your work life. This can be useful when you want to look at what you're doing and how you're doing it.
  • Create a blog to communicate with your co-workers. If, for example, you are in a management position you might want to use a blog as informal space to discuss work related issues. Staff can comment on blog entries thereby providing you with a range of perspectives before you make a particular decision.
  • Use a blog as an informal space for logging daily activity on a project. Staff can read the blog, comment and add their own content on their project activities.
  • Create a blog to communicate with external stakeholders. This can be useful when you want to connect with people outside of your immediate work environment.
  • Create a blog to communicate what you do in your work life to a wider audience. For example, someone in educational technology might maintain a blog around the work that they do in order to connect with others in a similar position.
  • Use a blog for team building through encouraging use of blogs for social purposes such as maintaining a travel diary. This might sound corny but staff go on amazing trips to out of the way places and they can share the experience with other staff.